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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 13, 2014 8:00am-8:31am JST

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beauty of the cherry blossom because it fits so well with because it fits so well with their traditional sensibility. -- captions by vitac -- welcome to "newsline." it's wednesday, august 13. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. the man set to be the next prime minister of iraq is winning support. al-abidi is taking his first steps towards forming a government the man he would replace is trying to hold on. abidi has served as the deputy speaker of parliament. fl president named him to take over as prime minister. he is aa shia.
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so is maliki. many say maliki has favored shia's and that's driven sunnis to laurj annen insurgency. now many sunnis are backing abidi. the president of the kurdish regional government has expressed his support. leaders in neighboring iran, turkey and saudi arabia have also welcomed adbiabidi's appointment. maliki is refusing to step down. iraqis are seeing more of what they have seen throughout months of fighting. a series of bombing explode in baghd baghdad. security officials believe islamist extremists staged the attacks. a russian aid convoy is heading to eastern ukraine. the government and western nakss
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are warning the humanitarian aid could be a pretext for intervention. russian media report the convoy of 280 trucks is carrying 2,000 tons of food, medicine, sleeping bags and other aid supplies. it left moscow early tuesday. they say it will take several days for the convoy to travel the 1,000 kilometers to the board we are ukraine. the russian presidential office said the government obtained ukraine's consent. it said they are sending it in collaboration with the international committee of the red cross. a spokesperson said the organization was briefed on the conv convoy's movements but the spokesperson added the organization has not received detailed information. they do not know where the aid will be distributed. ukraine rejected the aid from russia calling it an excuse for an invasion. >> let me be clear. you don't need tanks and
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artillery to bring food and medicine for civilians. there will be no need for any humanitarian aid. >> ukrainian government forces are stepping up their offenses against pro-russian separatists. they are aiming to retake a major city in eastern ukraine. residents are phasings shortages of food and other supplies. russia announced it began mill tear require exercises in the kuril islands. a spokesperson said more than 1,000 soldiers are taking part in the drills. the spokesperson said it's the largest in several years involving five attack helicopters and 100 military vehicles. what russians call these islands are four claimed by japan. japanese call them the northern territories. japanese foreign ministry officials have been aware of reports in russia about the military drilz. they urged the russian government last week to provide
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details. they will demand details again and will protest if drills are conducted on the four islands. the japanese government maintains the russian-controlled islands are a part of japanese territory. it says the islands were illegally occupied after world war ii. officials with the world health organization has made a decision on using experimental drugs to cop tan the ebola outbreak. they said it would be ethical to use it for treatment and prevention under certain conditions. >> there was unanimous agreement among the experts that the special circumstances of this ebola outbreak, it is ethical to offer unregistered intervention as potential treatment or prevention. >> the experts say conditions that must be met include informed consent, confidentiality and respect for the person. medical staff would need to explain the possible risks of
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the drugs. the use would have to be supported by applicable governments. officials say there is a need to collect and share all relevant data, including treatments using unapproved medicines outside clinical trials. the drugs are in limited supply. officials say it would be necessary to establish norms to determine which patients should be given priority. international researchers suspect the current outbreak may have started with a child who died in guinea in december. they traced the spread of infection by analyzing blood samples and tracking hospital records. they say the 2-year-old child who died may be patient zero in the outbreak. the boy's immediate family members were later confirmed infected. the virus spread to medical workers in the same area. police in thailand are
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trying to unravel a mystery. they are looking into a case that could involve as many as 15 babies born to surrogate mothers. one of the women said she received $10,000. police discovers nine babies last week in a businessman's apartment near bangkok. he is 24 years old and claims to have fathered them. this woman says she was the surrogate mother of one of the babies. she said two years ago, a broker made her an offer. >> translator: the broker said, i could get money if i delivered a baby. i wanted it because i was poor. >> the woman said she under went in vitro fertilization but she said she received little explanation about the biological patients. she delivered. she said four days later the broker took the baby. police have found six other babies that may have been born
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to surrogate mothers at the man's request. they say those babies obtained japanese and thai passports that bear the man's family name. they say he has taken four of them out of the country. they say dna tests show that nine of the infants are likely from the same father. they are trying to find out whether it's the japanese man. he has left and police are urging him to return to thailand. plans are in the works for japanese ground self-defense force units to be stationed on a southwestern island. this would allow better response to emergencies in the east china sea. government officials met with lol town mayors. senior vice defense minister visited an island. deoy a unit of 350 personnel and 200 others in a neighboring town. the neighbors say they welcome the plan. it's important for the lives of
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the residents. the government needs to fill a gap in the ground self-defense forces geographical coverage. he wants to put the units into operation swiftly. japan's foreign minister wants to strengthen economic and security tied with indonesia. he has gone to see the country's next president. he said japan and indonesia share freedom and democracy. he said he hopes under joko's leadership ties will continue to grow. joko said his goal is to develop it as a terry time nation. he hopes japan will help develop its ocean patrol capabilities and the infrastructure of its ports. he handed joko a letter from prime minister abe inviting him to visit japan as soon as possible. three chinese coast guard vessels were sported in japan's territory waters in the east
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china sea. officials with the japan coast guard say the patrol ship were navigating the area for four hours. chinese government ships have violated japanese waters around these islands on 19 days this year. the islands are controlled by japan. china and taiwan claim them. the head of the foreign minuisty ministriministr ministries ocean affairs bureau launched a complaint with achinese official. he says the intrusion is extremely regrettable. the people in charge of the few key shee ma daiichi plant are testing out their latest strategy to deal with contaminated water.
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engineers are starting a trial operation to pump up ground water from wells near the reaction tore buildings. they are looking at a new treatment system to see how effective it is in removing radioactive material. officials plan to build an iron barrier along an embankment close to the shore. when it's done, they will pump out the water that builds up inside, treat it and release it. officials allow untainted ground water to be discharged. this is the first time they have tried this approach. they will only go ahead if residents agree. many in the fishing community are worried and concerned the plan may trigger unwelcome rumors about the safety of seafood. officials decided to scrap a decontamination system that have been marred by problems. they designed the system to treat radioactive water. engineers installed it shortly after the accident in march
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2011. workers used it for three months and treated 76,000 tons of water. but they found it broke down too often. officials say the equipment poses a risk to the workers. they say after processing all that water it has become too radioactive. they will apply to the nuclear radioactive authority to scrap it. they won't reveal how much it cost. producers of classical japanese theater are worried about the future of the craft. they say the number of young people interested in kabuki drama is lower than before. think are teaching children the basics of the performance in hopes it will lure them to the stage.
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>> reporter: these children are trying to learn the spirit of kabuki. they took part in a workshop started this april at the kabuki theater dedicated to kabuki perform answers. 50 children attend to learn the basics. many japanese believe that to become a kabuki actor, you have to be born into a kabuki performer's family. in fact, in the 400 year history, many stars have appeared out of the blue with no kabuki dna. this man today's featured teacher. he is extremely popular on both stage and tv.
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he is not from a kabuki family. he encouraged the young people to step into the world of the stage just as he himself did. he demonstrated to the children a form called mie. a set of poses an actor uses to make himself appear bigger on stage. he told the children they must constantly repeat the lines and steps until they learn them by heart. but the most important thing is to enjoy performing. >> translator: i was so happy that he taught me. i think i performed well. >> translator: i want to be a cool actor.
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>> reporter: the organizers of the event say fewer and fewer children are coming to the theater and even fewer want to be kabuki actors. they hope to find a new star among the young participants that follow along and also cultivate a new fan that love the art. the people at a japanese game developer are branching out in a different direction. managers at dna are giving customers a chance to check their risk of getting life-threatening illnesses. developers at the firm worked with researchers at the university of tokyo to create a genetic testing kit. they call it my code. they started selling it through a website.
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provide saliva samples. the managers say the service can detect nearly 300 genetic traits and conditions. it flags a person's vulnerability to cancer, diabetes, even weight gain. the present of the healthcare division says genetic testing has big potential. but he expects people will have questions and concerns. >> translator: we will be transparent about the scientific basis of our analysis. we will work with our clients to keep improving the service. >> about 700 firms across japan are already offering similar services. some have come under criticism for lacking scientific validity. consumers in japan could soon be shelling out more for some of the things they rely on. they are likely to bare the cost of higher prices for goods traded among other companies.
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the corporate goods price index rose 4.3%. they say it pushed up prizes p a range of products. the fighting in iraq has driven up the price of crude oil. the officials looked at what would have happen without the increase in the consumption tax and they found prices would have risen by 1.5%. the consumption tax hike is cutting the selling of condos. representatives at the real estate economic institute say about 4,200 newly built condos went on the market in tokyo and its three neighboring prefectures last month. that marked a 20% mark from july 2013. the drop was attributed to a slow down in purchases after a buying spree ahead of the
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consumption tax hike in april. higher construction costs also weighed on supply. the researchers predict the decline will continue for a while. as for the year, they say 10,000 fewer units will be put on the mar market this year than in 2013. let's look at the market figures.
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cup and ball looks simple. it takes plenty of skill. it's a game that's been around in japan for more than a century. it's now becoming popular abroad. people in hawaii have turned it into a recognized sport. >> reporter: in the land of surf and sunshine, there's a hot new sport. at this shop, an entire wall is filled with color full kendama. they come in a wide range of designed and different kinds of wood. for the keenest young customers,
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one is never enough. how many do you have? >> 16. maybe about four to five hours a day. >> until last year, it was just sell maybe one every week. and now it's sell hundreds every week. >> reporter: it is more than just a pastime. for some, it's become an extreme sport with lightning fast moves and techniques, each with their own names. twirling it at high speed, this trick is called the whirlwind. and flipping it high in the air, this is a space walk. local enthusiasts like to combine the different techniques to create their own original routines.
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>> hard to be creative a little bit because there's so many different tricks that it's hard to find a different one. >> reporter: competitions are held to give thank you i have g chance to show off their skills. recently, more than 1,000 young people gathered for this event. the aim was to complete an assigned set of moves in the shortest possible time. there are even professional players now sponsored by a manufacturer of the item. they wowed the crowd with their advanced techniques andrew teens. >> we are in between the big u.s. we are in between japan. everyone can come together and
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meet here. that's why hawaii is so big on this. >> reporter: these two took part in the recent competition. she took this up last year and since then the two sib lilings e been practicing hare iniing har. they see their friends more these days. >> you see the person face to face. it's not like you are looking at a computer screen the whole day. >> reporter: their father has noticed the change. >> concentration levels are a lot higher. so hopefully, that can translate into school work or anything they want do in life. >> reporter: skill, imagination and plenty of attitude. young people in hawaii are transforming this traditional japanese game into the hottest new pastime on the island.
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time for a check of the weather with robert speta. good morning. people in the u.s. midwest are having trouble getting around. roads and free ways have sustained heavy damage due to severe flooding. what's the latest? >> yes. we have been seeing out here is that severe flooding. especially across detroit where you saw record breaking rainfall because of the storm system monday into tuesday. look at stats. in the past 24 hours, you would see rain but specifically on august 11th, detroit saw 116 millimeters of rainfall. that shatters the previous record which was 52 in 1964. the second highest on a single day for this city since records began. the last time you have to go back to 19 where a storm system came through and caused
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millions of dollars in death. this is rivaling that situation. let's show you this video coming out of detroit where had you the severe flooding. vehicles being inundated out here. people trying to drive through the floodwaters. very serious situation. interstate 75 was closed. authorities advising people not to travel. this rainfall, take a look at this truck. ended up getting stuck. this is the type of situation you really want to try to avoid if you are traveling out here. stay off the road if possible until the waters do start to recede. if you do see flooded roadway, try not to drive through it. we still are seeing heavy rainfall back towards the east. baltimore had records. storm still push toward new england bringing rain but also the service e severe weather.
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around the toronto and buffalo area and toward the east, expect that to occur. thunderstorms along the east. back towards the west into the southwest, we have been seeing the flash flood watches in effect. a new storm system rolling on shore into the pacific north west. could you see that threat of severe thunderstorms out there as well as we look ahead through wednesday. let's move over towards europe. look at the swirl. believe it or not, this is actually the remnants of hurricane bertha from last week off the atlantic coastline. it's been bringing winds, rainfall across the area. back towards the east, we have a cold front spawn off of it. that erected severe thunderstorms that produced tornadoes as well, even into the netherlands, towards germany. the threat is still here. it's not over yet. we have all that cool air continuing to spill in. the areas in the orange, that's where you see the highest threat of severe thunderstorms. the temperatures are cooling off
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behind it. look at this. paris, into the teens only for you. ahead of the front, into athens, above average temperatures into the high 30s near 40 degrees for those of you there. do want to wrap things up into eastern asia. southwestern china, floods out here. there's been reports of deaths in the southwestern china because of the rain which has been occurring. even hong kong, red level warnings on tuesday evening. the threat will be here. look at your 72-hour forecast. back towards the north, dry weather there for you. as far as japan is concerned, it has cooled off. on wednesday, a little by drier weather. look into thursday, the humidity will work its way back in. the showers will start to pick up again. that's a look at your world weather. here is your extended forecast.
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we have one more story to share with you before we go. the hot summer weather continues across japan.
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the city of tokoshima has another heat wave, a summer dance festival. thousands of people gathered on tuesday. participants waring summer kimonos danced to traditional music. male dancers moved wildly while the women stepped elegantly. >> translator: this is so spectacular. >> the four-day festival is expected to attract more than 1.2 million people. that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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